Music of the Baroque provides spirited advocacy for Handel rarity
December 01, 2015, Chicago Classical Review
"Jane Glover made the strongest possible case for the rarely heard oratorio leading a vital and spirited performance, aided by outstanding choral singing and a superb cast of soloists Monday night at the Harris Theater."
Jane Glover Leads Music of the Baroque in Handel's Oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus"
November 30, 2015, Chicago Tribune
"...Good for Jane Glover for choosing Handel's beautiful and imposing work for her first concerts of the season with Music of the Baroque, and for the urgently dramatic performance she led with her chorus, orchestra and vocal soloists Sunday afternoon at a sold-out North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie."
Music of the Baroque and Bach is all good
October 20, 2015, Chicago Tribune
"Most everything goes right whenever Music of the Baroque presents the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and that happened again Monday night as principal guest conductor Nicholas Kraemer began the group's season downtown at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance."
Music of the Baroque leads off with a winning trio of Bach cantatas
October 20, 2015, Chicago Classical Review
"Williams’s warm, flexible baritone conveyed the interior rumination and spiritual confidence of this setting with just the right degree of dignified gravitas. The recitatives had the affirmative strength to balance the intimate solace of the three arias. In the central “Schlummert ein,” Williams’ subtle dynamic shading and expressive poise conveyed the longing for peaceful repose with Kraemer drawing equally nuanced string playing."
Music of the Baroque wraps season powerfully with war-inspired works
May 19, 2015, Chicago Classical Review
“Much of Haydn’s mass is scored with requisite brilliance and the orchestra under Glover delivered consistently lively and exhilarating playing. Even by their standard, the clarion trumpet work of Barbara Butler, Charles Geyer and Channing Philbrick was simply spectacular."
Music of the Baroque ended its season with style
May 18, 2015, Chicago Tribune
“Sterling throughout was William Jon Gray's chorus, which sang with clear, precise diction both loud and soft. Pick-Staiger's acoustic allows a true pianissimo only with effort, and in the Haydn the chorus of 28 repeatedly achieved it, conveying moments of inwardness that in the adagios of the Gloria and Credo gave touching repose amid the ardor."
Music of the Baroque Chorus takes the spotlight in Renaissance program
April 20, 2015, Chicago Classical Review
“Hor che ‘l ciel e la terra” opened with a profound nocturnal stasis again fitting its lyrics, and the basses violently delivered the bemoaning line “guerra è il mio stato” (“war is my lot”), joined by fiery violin playing from Martin Davids and Jeri-Lou Zike. Bass Todd Von Felker’s robust laudation of Emperor Ferdinand III was the highlight of the afternoon’s closing “Altri canti d’Amor,” which featured precision singing in fleet, staggered entrances from the rest of the ensemble."
Glover, MOB serve up spirited Mozart and Haydn
March 31, 2015, Chicago Classical review
“The performance was especially inspired in the bipartite Andante, with Glover fluently charting the progression from the tragic opening section to the lighter Allegretto. The various episodes were deftly characterized, with guest concertmaster Nurit Pacht showing fine panache in the flashy concertante middle section for violin."
Music of the Baroque steps beyond baroque, with polished results
March 30, 2015, Chicago Sun Times
“Though not exactly a household name, at least in the United States, soloist Imogen Cooper boasts an impressive resume, and she was nothing short of superb here, bringing a well-developed technique, a bright, clear tone and a light, supple touch to this work."
Kraemer, Music of the Baroque showcase invention in varied program
February 24, 2015, Chicago Classical Review
“The attention to characterization that they would employ throughout this performance was noticeable from the very outset of the first movement in which the violins played their upward scale figures as if they were firing them like arrows off the strings, which contrasted nicely with the impassive melody in the woodwinds."
Susanna Phillips lights up a trio of composers with Music of the Baroque
January 27, 2015, Chicago Classical Review
“Those fortunate enough to have seen a Susanna Phillips performance will know that her artistry makes the sonic and the visual all of one piece. Her vocal characterizations are wedded to facial expressions and physical gestures to create a fully absorbing dramatic experience."
Gray finds fifty shades of Christmas in MOB’s holiday program
December 20, 2014, Chicago Classical Review
“Amid the snowflake-like abundance of seasonal concert offerings, one can always count on Music of the Baroque’s annual Brass and Choral program to offer intelligent holiday programming a cut above the standard carols and crossover piffle."
MOB's Christmas Oratorio
December 02, 2014, Chicago Tribune
“[I] came away impressed with Glover's firm pacing, her judicious balancing of the 26-voice chorus against the instrumental body of 35 players, and the beguiling lift she brought to the rhythms. [The] chorus brought a manifest sense of rejoicing to everything it sang, its diction crisp and precise no matter how brisk the tempos.”
Nothing sacred in Music of the Baroque's routine Christmas Oratorio
December 02, 2014, Chicago Classical Review
“[Roderick Williams] provided most of the solo highlights, singing in superbly idiomatic style with a firm line yet yielding, flexible expression and making every line of the text count. Few can beat Paul Agnew as an Evangelist. Soprano Yulia Van Doren sang with a bright tone and blended well with Williams in their duets. Mezzo Krisztina Szabo brought worthy drama to her recitatives in the latter cantatas.”
Jane Glover, Music of the Baroque revisit Bach's Christmas Oratorio
November 26, 2014, Chicago Sun Times
“Every number is just gorgeous. There is a not a moment you can possibly get bored. As always with Bach, it’s musically alpha-double-plus, and you’re taken on such a spiritual journey as well.”
Offbeat: Epic Holiday Treats from Turin, Joey DeFrancesco and Music of the Baroque!
November 24, 2014, NewCity Music
“At our last performance of the Christmas Oratorio [people] kept saying that we should do it every year. ”
Kraemer opens MOB season with well-tempered Mozart
October 21, 2014, Chicago Classical Review
“The vocal end was especially well-served Monday with a finely balanced quartet (soprano Sherezade Panthaki, mezzo Meg Bragle, tenor Thomas Cooley and baritone Stephen Powell). The MOB chorus, well prepared by William Jon Gray, sang with notable fervor and refinement, and the orchestra played well with an imposing trombone solo by Luis Fred in the “Tuba mirum.”
Concert review: Music of the Baroque season opener
October 20, 2014, Chicago Tribune
“Kraemer's vision proved powerful and strongly dramatic.”
Music of the Baroque provides a winning night of Bach and Handel “Italian” style
April 23, 2014, Chicago Classical Review
“The music-making inside the Harris was notably vibrant and rewarding...with Nicholas Kraemer leading from the harpsichord in a deft mixture of familiar works and rarities spotlighting two vocal works set in Italian by Bach and Handel.”
‘Creation’ comes to life at Balboa Theatre
April 05, 2014, San Diego Union-Tribune
“Under Glover‘s enlightened leadership, everything sounded effortless. It all flowed together, as befits a work completely absent of darkness or malice. Indeed, it‘s hard to think of a more optimistic, uplifting piece of music.”
Glover, Music of the Baroque soar in Haydn's ‘Creation’
April 01, 2014, Chicago Classical Review
“Under Glover's vital and nuanced direction, the excellent three soloists and the Music of the Baroque orchestra and chorus delivered an ebullient, vividly characterized performance that gave us one of MOB's finest efforts of recent seasons.”
Music of the Baroque delivers a masterful ‘Creation’
March 31, 2014, Chicago Sun Times
“Sunday's superb debut performance, which featured a chamber orchestra and aptly compact 35-voice chorus, captured the full vibrancy, energy and charm of this masterful adaptation of the Book of Genesis.”
Music of the Baroque Concert Review
March 31, 2014, Chicago Tribune
“Glover brought to ‘The Creation’ an academic's understanding of Haydn style and a veteran performer's understanding of how to give this richly varied music living, breathing form on stage. And she infused her palpable committment in her capable soloists, orchestra and chorus.”
Chorus shines royally in Music of the Baroque program
January 28, 2014, Chicago Classical Review
“With notably clear textures, Glover found a dexterous balance between refinement and vigor, with tempos fleet yet never breathless. The orchestra was in exceptional form with concertmaster du jour Kathleen Brauer leading with especially fine playing. Yet the most impressive element Monday was the first-class contribution of the chorus.”
Tenor Agnew makes impressive podium debut with Music of the Baroque’s holiday program
December 20, 2013, Chicago Classical Review
“Agnew coaxed full-throated singing from his forces, the sopranos filling the space with waves of radiant lyrical outpourings.”
Harmonious times for Music of the Baroque
November 19, 2013, Chicago Tribune
“It was refreshing to hear Beethoven and Schubert symphonies and a Mozart piano concerto played by an orchestra of 37 musicians, close in size to that of the Viennese ensembles of the late 18th and early 19th centuries...Always the music moved with gracious phrasing and flowing, singing lines.”
Pianist boosts Music of the Baroque’s Classical-era program
November 19, 2013, Chicago Classical Review
“Jane Glover, music director of Music of the Baroque, delights in periodically pushing beyond the years 1600-1750 that have become the handy default dates for the Baroque era.”
Baritone sparks a winning Bach program for Music of the Baroque
October 08, 2013, Chicago Classical Review
“Impeccably balanced, with superb choral singing, and played with polish and fine vitality across all sections, the English conductor put across the jubilant moments as surely as the passages of introspection and spiritual solace..”
A pleasing evening of Bach at the Harris Theater
October 08, 2013, Chicago Tribune
“MOB pleases more consistently in Bach than in the works of just about any other composer, particularly when guest conductor Nicholas Kraemer is in charge, balancing historical awareness with communicative expression.”
MOB wraps season with a deep and memorable "St. John Passion"
May 20, 2013, Chicago Classical Review
“Jane Glover and Music of the Baroque did Bach’s music great justice Sunday night at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall. The performance was in the Baroque style and far from stodgy and academic. It was tensely dramatic, tenderly beautiful, and on edge, as a story of this magnitude ought to be.”
Glover, MOB, bring Biblical fervor to "Israel in Egypt"
April 09, 2013, Chicago Classical Review
“…Glover and the Music of the Baroque orchestra and chorus succeeded brilliantly in putting this inspired score across. Glover consistently illuminated Handel’s imaginative musical onomatopoeia as with the whirling violin passages depicting the flies, the pizzicato for rain, and uninhibited timpani and trumpets for a driving hailstorm.”
Music of the Baroque triumphs in Handel's 'Israel in Egypt'
April 09, 2013, Chicago Sun Times
“Major works by Mozart and Haydn have marked Jane Glover’s 10th season as music director of Chicago’s Music of the Baroque. But it would be hard to find a better demonstration of the high level that this 42-year-old local institution has achieved under Glover and chorus director William Jon Gray, now in his third season, than the brilliant presentation Monday of Handel’s “Israel in Egypt” at the Harris Theater..”
Music of the Baroque's 'Israel in Egypt'
April 09, 2013, Chicago Tribune
“Music director Jane Glover's journey through the big 18th century choral masterpieces with her Music of the Baroque chorus and orchestra took her to Handel's biblical oratorio "Israel in Egypt," in a stylish and satisfying performance heard Sunday evening at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie.”
Winning Haydn in plain sight with Kraemer, Music of the Baroque
February 23, 2013, Chicago Classical Review
“…how many conductors can make you smile and almost laugh out loud at a particularly witty phrase or unexpected harmonic turn? MOB’s principal guest conductor—in fact, the ensemble’s only guest conductor—is masterful in this repertoire, as shown once again in Friday’s pairing of early and late Haydn symphonies…”
Jane Glover takes stock of her fruitful decade with Music of the Baroque
January 22, 2013, Chicago Tribune
“…the stylistic awareness, interpretive depth and sheer ebullience of outlook Glover has brought to MOB's core Baroque and Classical orchestral and choral repertory in the course of her ten years here have made it one of the most admired groups of its type in the nation.”
Music of the Baroque serves up a generous and wide-ranging Christmas program
December 14, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“Choral director William Jon Gray curated a generous program of works of almost dizzying variety Thursday night at Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest.”
Music of the Baroque presents a varied and engaging Bach program
November 20, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“Music of the Baroque delivered a thrilling, up-tempo take on this resplendent music…”
Music of the Baroque’s Nicholas Kraemer never tires of Bach
November 14, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“There are all of sorts of treasures waiting to be done by this group…there's no better instrument for that in Chicago…”
Glover, Music of the Baroque take flight in Haydn mass
October 06, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“Glover showed she has the full measure of this work, drawing a vital, boldly projected and richly expressive…One could hardly imagine a more rousing sendoff to Glover’s tenth anniversary season.”
Glover continues to find warmth and enjoyment in her tenth anniversary season with Music of the Baroque
October 02, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“Since Glover’s arrival, there’s an electricity in the air at MOB performances, which is not always the case at classical concerts.”
Music of the Baroque soars with Handel rarity
March 27, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“Glover was at her finest, setting brisk and buoyant tempos…”
Music of the Baroque’s L’Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato
March 26, 2012, Opera News
“You won’t hear more finely tuned, perfectly blended choral singing anywhere in Chicago—or anywhere else, I daresay.”
Music of the Baroque’s ‘tour’ full of delightful variety
February 28, 2012, Chicago Tribune
“Four countries in less than two hours…”
Kraemer, Music of the Baroque serve up a delightful double-shot of Haydn
January 31, 2012, Chicago Classical Review
“If you can’t enjoy Haydn, then it’s quite likely that you have no soul…”
Music of the Baroque breathes new live into holiday program
December 17, 2011, Chicago Classical Review
“Gray is taking these concerts very seriously, and not simply as routine holiday fare…”
Kraemer, Music of the Baroque bring stylish vivacity to populist Bach
November 14, 2011, Chicago Classical Review
“It was refined and flowing, effectively scraping off accumulated Victorian sentimentality…”