Alice Millar Chapel

Alice Millar Chapel

Alice Millar Chapel

1870 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL

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About Alice Millar Chapel

The Alice Millar Chapel and Religious Center houses two chapels: the Millar Chapel with 700 seats, named for Foster G. McGaw's mother, and the Vail Chapel with 125 seats was named for Jeanne Vail, Mary Vail McGaw's daughter. The building is situated on land donated by Dr. William Parkes, an Evanston physician and former Northwestern University trustee. An adjacent building, Parkes Hall, housing classrooms and the chaplain's office, completes the complex. The building also hosts other University functions such as concerts, lectures and recitals.

The style of the building is contemporary Gothic, providing a blend of the traditional and modern. The exterior is an adaptation of Gothic architecture. However, the interior is, in many ways, contemporary. The undulating side walls, the design of the Holy Table, the chandeliers, and the design of the pews reflect a contemporary style. In addition, the stained-glass windows are clearly of a contemporary design.

The great chancel window at the front of the chapel encompasses all of biblical theology in the themes of "Creation, Redemption, and Triumph." The splay of red at the top center of the window signifies the life-giving, self-sacrificing love of God. A descending dove (a white v-like figure) is the bearer of God's love to the earth.

More information about the stained-glass windows can be found on the Alice Millar Chapel website.

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