In the late spring of 2005 my husband was quite ill. He had been very much looking forward to our subscription concert of Israel in Egypt, but he did not think he could manage the stairs up to our seats in the balcony at the First United Methodist church in Evanston. I suggested we go really early and see if we could exchange our tickets for ground floor seats, to which he agreed. I temporarily parked in front of the entrance, helped my husband up the steps and sat him down on a bench in the vestibule and asked the usher to keep an eye out for him. At the box office, I found that they had just gotten a single pair of tickets on the ground floor returned. I happily paid the additional amount, went to park the car in the garage across the street, and returned to the church where we could take our seats. We both enjoyed the performance very much, and on the way home my husband kept repeating, "That really was so beautiful." He passed away approximately one month later. I am still glad, to this day, that he was able to enjoy this performance. He was Jewish, and the story was quite meaningful to him, which is why I did what I could to make it possible, with a little bit of luck, for him to attend and enjoy this particular concert.

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