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All eight concerts in Music of the Baroque's 2023-24 season will be available On Demand for 30 days beginning the Friday following the performance run.

On this page you will find tips and tricks for how to watch our concerts online. If you need additional help, please email Audience Services Manager Chloe Tarnowski or call the MOB box office at 312.551.1414.

What is the difference between livestream and On Demand?

A livestream is an event that takes place at a specific date and time. Just like an in-person concert, you are viewing musicians performing live at the listed date and time.

On Demand events give you access to a pre-recorded concert during a specific window of time. If you purchase a concert on demand, the window of time you have to view the event will be listed in the Order Details of your confirmation email. Unless otherwise specified, all viewing links for the 2023-24 season will be valid for the full 30 day viewing period.

Note: all concerts will be available to be viewed On Demand starting the Friday following the original performance dates.

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How do I watch the concerts?

The On Demand concerts in our 2023-24 season can only be accessed through a dedicated link. Links will be provided in your confirmation email, and will look like this:

Each link is for one screen. If members of your household prefer to watch separately, you will need a unique link for each screen in use. Current subscribers automatically receive On Demand access to all concerts in their subscription package. The number of links you receive will correspond to the number of seats in your package.

If you have purchased a concert On Demand, you will receive your streaming links the day the performance becomes available (typically the Friday following the original performance date). To ensure delivery, consider adding to your email client's safe-sender list.

If you have not received the email containing your streaming links, check your junk or SPAM folders (if you use Gmail, also check your Promotions tab) before calling the box office at 312.551.1414 to have your links re-sent to you.

Important: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do not work well with our virtual platform. Please connect via another browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Click here for the list of officially supported browser versions. You can also verify that your browser is up-to-date here.

In order to view your event, you must accept the terms and conditions of the platform and enter the access code provided in your confirmation or reminder email. The access code can be found directly below the access link. If you are clicking the link from your email, the code should appear automatically.

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Can I watch the concerts on my TV?

Since our virtual platform is web/browser-based, watching on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet is the easiest option. But if you would like to enhance your experience, here are our suggestions for watching on your TV:

How to connect your PC to TV with an HDMI cable

If you are watching on a TV via an HDMI cable, you may need to adjust your settings so the sound comes through your TV:

How to watch on a TV using your iPhone or iPad

How to connect your Android device to your TV

Casting your web browser to your TV using your Chromecast

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Troubleshooting tips

If you encounter an issue, please:

  • Check to make sure your internet connection is active

  • Try restarting your browser, app, or device

  • Make sure you are using a compatible browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not recommended).

    These are the browsers (and versions) that are officially supported
    by our platform:

  • If attempting to mirror videos to your television, confirm that all of your devices are on the same WiFi network

  • Try closing browser tabs that aren't in use

  • Try clearing your browser history or cache

  • If you're still having issues, call (312) 551-1414

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