Birds, Frogs, Crickets, & Dogs

Nicholas Kraemer, conductor

VIVALDI Violin Concerto in E Major (Spring)

TELEMANN Cricket Symphony

VIVALDI Flute Concerto in D Major (The Goldfinch)

TELEMANN Violin Concerto in A Major (The Frogs)

HAYDN Symphony No. 83 in G Minor (The Hen)

The animal kingdom comes alive through charming works for orchestra under the direction of Principal Guest Conductor Nicholas Kraemer. Dogs bark in Vivaldi’s “Spring” Concerto from the famous Four Seasons. Crickets chirp in Telemann’s unusually scored Cricket Symphony, while frogs ribbit in his virtuosic concerto for violin. Delight in the “clucking” and “scratching” in Haydn’s Hen Symphony, which closes the program on a wonderfully humorous note.

Approximate On Demand run time: 83 minutes

Recorded live at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts on April 14, 2024, the On Demand performance is available to view from April 19 through May 19.

Watch the pre-concert lecture