Jane Glover, conductor


Elijah, op. 70

Written in the spirit of Bach and Handel, whose music he loved, Felix Mendelssohn's powerful choral masterpiece brings to life some of the most dramatic moments in the Old Testament. Fire comes from the heavens, storms gather, and the people cry for vengeance. From the prophet's curse of drought to his mocking of the priests of Baal and ultimate ascent to heaven on a fiery chariot, Elijah is an extraordinary musical experience. Music Director Jane Glover conducts an all-star cast—soprano Susanna Phillips, mezzo Elizabeth DeShong, tenor William Burden, and in the title role, bass-baritone Eric Owens.

Elijah will be performed in English.

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  • Part I, "As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth"
  • Part II, "Lift thine eyes to the mountains"
  • Part II, Chorus, "Oh rest in the Lord"